About Foundation

About the Lawzie Marigold Foundation:

The Lawzie Marigold Foundation was started in April 2016 as a Not For Profit Organization in honor of our daughter Lauren Rae Baruch, who was born May, 20, 1991. Her life was tragically taken from us along with Stephanie Belli, Brittney Schulman and Amy Grabina in the Cutchogue Limousine accident on July 18, 2015.  

In the months that followed the tragic accident, the outpouring of love and support from everyone was a true testament as to who Lauren was.  Therefore, The Lawzie Marigold Foundation was founded.  Lawzie Marigold is a name created by Lauren Baruch for a school project when she was 10 years old, that followed her for the rest of her life.  

The purpose of the Lawzie Marigold Foundation is to continue Lauren's influence in people's lives by increasing awareness in our community regarding the safety issues of limousines.  We need to get more prudent regulations in place on the internal/external structure of limousines as well as mandated comprehensive training programs.  Currently, there is no formal training for limousine drivers.  It only takes one decision and your loved one's life can be changed forever.  

The Foundation also provides a yearly scholarship to a female senior graduating from high school, a female that is supportive of the worthy causes that are representative of Lauren's ideals and passions.  This initiative is the way the Foundation keeps a personal and human face on the issue of limousine safety and the celebration of life.   

Please go the Lawzie Marigold Facebook page "like" and "share".  For more information about the foundation and future events, can be found right here at LawzieMarigold.blogspot.com.

Mrs. Felicia Baruch